Friday, 18 October 2019


At last we are back. Äiti has been trying to take things easy to deal with dizziness and general feelings of wishing to hibernate. In the meantime, I managed to find one of the last sunpuddles. We have to enjoy them while we can.
Oh, and in our absence, a few more little mammals may have ventured onto the Catio with a one way ticket. We have not rested lazily !


  1. Man, you guys have some pretty dumb critters living near the catio!

  2. Welcome to hybernate with us..
    Sunpuddles on this season are precious!

  3. It's good to know that your feline instincts are still on point, Viscount Veikko! Hope your hu-mom had a good rest; I'm dreaming of a somewhat lazy weekend myself!

  4. I hope the resting has helped Äiti. It is good to know that you all have been working hard though keeping the rodent population under control.

  5. Nice to see a post from you. XO


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