Monday, 9 September 2019

Monday Fashion

Poor Seppo tried to pose in his sweater to have Sampo sniff his butt, and Pekka washing in the beackground. No wonder he has the stinkeye.


  1. Bum sniffing is heartily approved in this household! MOL!
    Seppo look stunning in his sweater. (We continue to have the hots here in Oklahoma. Whew!)

  2. Seppo, I think you look awesome!

  3. You look good in your new sweater, Seppo. It is not your fault you were double photo bombed.

  4. That is a very fashionable sweater, Seppo! The others are just jealous.

  5. We have a big furmaly and know all about photo bombing Seppo. You do look handsome no matter


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