Tuesday, 23 July 2019


How well do you know our feets ? These are easy.
Not so easy.
Do not dare get these wrong!
Answers are in the labels.


  1. I got them all wrong. At least I live far enough away that I don't have to worry about the toesie owners coming to get me. ;)

  2. I guessed Aila and Mesi for the second and third before I looked in the labels. The one you said was easy I got wrong. I thought they looked like long Sphynx toes but the fur threw me off track and I thought it might have been Sampo with the sun making them look lighter.

  3. Oh yeah, you do not want to get some of those wrong!!

  4. Didn't see The answers by mobile, but I guess; Seppo, Aila, Mesi. Got them right? ;D

  5. How were you able to snap photos of so many toe beans? It's hard to do around here!

  6. We guessed Aila so got one right. Great feetz feat


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