Thursday, 6 June 2019

Thankless Thursday

Yesterday we were abandoned so Äiti could go to watch stinky birds. Usually we would just snooze and then sulk when she got home, but we  ramped up the fury when we found she had been watching fishies being caught. This little sliver of delight was, we are sure, very tasty. We will never know.
And this birdie could surely have caught enough for us all to share.
See, there's a huge fish! Flying away from us courtesy of the merikotka bum of disrespect. 
We got nothing, except a late tin of ordinary food when she finally showed up.


  1. I can't believe Äiti didn't catch a fish for you to share.

  2. Not content with deserting you, she had to show you the tasty morsels you missed.

  3. Viscount Veikko, The Felocracy needs to stage a revolt, or uprising, or...or...SOMETHING to let her know that she cannot treat you all so abominably!
    P.S. Thanks for the help with jigsaw puzzle snafu that I had!

  4. Too bad she didn't get any fish for you ! Purrs

  5. While we agree that Äiti should be the one fishing for her hungry kittens, it´s probably good that merikotka wasn`t fishing on the Catio...


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