Saturday, 13 April 2019


We're using a photo from earlier in the week for arty stuff. I'm not sure about this Lunapic 'life art' effect as it makes my butt look really fuzzy, and the picture is very dark. However, Äiti wanted to post it so I have allowed it as I am kind and generous. And maybe you might like it.
Anyway, here's a jigsaw for you. Have a good Saturday.
preview99 pieceVeikko seeks the sun


  1. I do like the effect even if it does show how fuzzy you got through the winter.
    Thanks for the puzzle which I will do later.

  2. Fuzzy butt or not, nice artwork!

  3. Hey, I finished with the exact same time as you! Weird, huh? I love Viscount Veikko!

  4. I think you look great. I am off to do the puzzle. XO


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