Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Tuesday Crazies

Just to prove that the sofa does see some action other than sleeping, I present to you a very badly taken sequence of the games Seppo and I indulge in. We are fast, and the camera is slow (Äiti - it's not, you are just very fast), so sorry about the graininess. 
 Seppo is good at this parkour thing.
And I stand my ground so I can whap him when he lands.
But he does manage to trick me. I need a moment for my head to get back into the correct shape, I think.


  1. What impressive action from you two!

  2. Excellent Photos of Naked play! No camera would Be fast enough For These guys..

  3. Seppo is so fast that you are still looking above you for him. Great play time!

  4. Viscount Veikko, always grand to see you in action!

  5. That was an awesome sequence of photos.


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