Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wondrous Wednesday

Sometimes in the night, Those Who Have Gone Before visit. Now Äiti was in bed asleep when this was taken from outside the Catio the other night, but she has seen these sort of revontulet before.
Overhead there is darkness one moment but then the sky rips apart and green and purple light gush out. You have to see it to appreciate how it feels, but Äiti says it is like the breath is knocked out of you, it is so dramatic. And then the lights dance. 
For all of us who have lost beloved friends - all is well at the Bridge and the dancing lights of the tailios tell us it is so.


  1. My human would love to see the Northern Lights one day.

  2. What a beautiful sight, and it chokes me up thinking about our friends up there, waiving their tailios at us

  3. Beautiful!! We have some good sightings in the north but I have not seen the Northern Lights ever look that good!

  4. It looks beautiful. We have a cruise booked for the end of October next year in the hope of seeing the Northern lights. We go as high as Alta, Norway and stop there overnight as well as other stops within the Arctic Circle. I would not usually book that far ahead, particularly now, but it is something I have always wanted to see. If we didn't book early it would sell out in no time.

    1. Mum wants to know about your trip. Who are you going with and all that good stuff.

  5. How cool! Mum is investigating places she could visit and maybe see the norther lights. Right now she is thinking Iceland.


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