Friday, 12 October 2018

Firey Friday

And we have another amphibian in the house; a fire salamander (tulisalamanteri in Finnish). It is tiny (about 6cm long)  and has a huge tank. Äiti used to keep these back in Bristol, many years ago and is delighted to have this littl'un.
Apparently they are not tasty and ooze white liquid from their skin if threatened. 
The name comes from the story that these creatures dash out of fires and are born from flames; actually they hide in logs and dash out for safety when those logs get hot. But Äiti likes the image of being born from fire and has decided to name it (we do not know if it is male or female) Leimu, which means flame.


  1. My human is in love! She has always had a thing for salamanders, lizards and other crawly critters. And snakes!

  2. Öh, he/she has black eyes! Didn't know that..

  3. Welcome Leimu! Do you have heated rocks to lie on? Will you get much bigger? Are the worms your main food?
    Our human loves your brightly colored little body and cant wait to learn more about you.

  4. Hiya, Leimu! How does a human go about telling the boys from the girls, anyhow?

  5. Hi, Leimu! Will the blog be changing it's name to Tank Tails? ;)

  6. You want lizards in your house? Weird.

  7. Hi Leimu ! Nice to see you, we know you are rare and protected here. Are you a protected species in Finland ? Purrs


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