Friday, 3 August 2018

The Sneeze

First the tickly nose......
 Then the sneeze and head shake......
The sound of Äiti yelling 'bless you' (she's a Brit)
And then the stinkeye.
And then the humiliation of realising it was all on camera, and your best buddy was watching. Bleh.


  1. Ha-ha, there's no escaping the paparazzi!

  2. Excellent photo serie! 😋

  3. The Hubby prefers "gesundheit", and The PO'M has been sneezing A LOT...with a lot of snot and spit...ewww...

  4. I would feel pretty Bleh too if some one caught me on camera like that! Bless you

  5. Great series ! Zorro is often sneezing, and would feel like you if some pawparazzo caught it on the camera. Purrs


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