Saturday, 11 August 2018

Saturday Spin

 It's Saturday! And Pekka is all belly up with delight.
Äiti is pretty happy too (sort of). She found out she has been granted a partial disability pension due to her spinny brain and bad ears. Now this means she doesn't need to work full time but her salary is going to drop so there will be some economies (we are promised that our foods and treats are not under threat). But she will be able to rest more in the week and give her brain a chance to recover from the work she can do.  She is very glad about that, but is still snarky about being unwell in the first place. Some humans are never satisfied.


  1. Sending Pekka a long-distance belly snorgle.
    Happy to learn your partial disability has been granted and you can get the rest you need.
    Happy weekend, furriends!

  2. That's a pretty good news for Äiti, even if we can easily understand that being well would be better of course ! Purrs

  3. That is good news for Äiti that she can rest more. Hopefully that will help her feel not so bad..
    That is a lovely tummy that is asking to be tickled. I hope it is not a trap though.

  4. Karin, read this on FB, and I am glad you have received some assistance! Pekka, in The Olympics, you’d earn a gold medal for gorgeous tummy!

  5. I'm glad Äiti has this, although I'm sure she'd prefer to be able to work full time! Wait, that didn't sound right... well, I meant, prefer being healthy enough to do whatever she wants.

  6. Humans do not like not being well. Glad Aiti can rest up more so she can do more.


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