Thursday, 5 July 2018

What ???

What ? Did I hear you correctly ? We are getting ANOTHER visitor ?
Who exactly is this Mom Trish from the Katnip Lounge ?   Oh no - not the person you spend ages recording that ridiculous, slanderous podcast with ?  And she wants to give me a bath ?
Just no.

Yes indeed, another visitor arrives tomorrow - expect chaos and disruption in blog posting.


  1. MOL! How am I SO not surprised she wants to give you a bath, Veikko?

  2. So long The lazy enjoying on The hammock. It's Bath Time again..! ;D

  3. Viscount Veikko, we think that you are going to ENJOY having Trish around; she LURVs kitties and has a pile of them back home. She knows how to treat you nekkids RIGHT!

  4. Ulkona sataa ,eiköse riitäisi

  5. You kitties may want to stay hidden. Aiti and Trish will blab about everything that goes on!

  6. Party time with Auntie Trish!


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