Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tired out Tuesday

We love the summer and wait all year for the sun and heat, but now it has got a little too hot for us. We have all been seeking the shade: we know it is not hot compared to what some of you have but 28'C is enough for us! 


  1. That is too hot for me too.

  2. We make our humans put a fan on the catio. We have them well trained. MOL!
    Stay cool, sweet furriends.

  3. I would LOVE 28 degree weather! We won't be seeing that low of a temperature for a while.

  4. It's too hot for us too ! Purrs

  5. It's been very hot here too, Viscount Veikko, but compared to the cold, cold Winter, I'd rather be hot! Manny and Chili Bruce still sleep together, all arms and legs, so I guess they don't mind the heat either.


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