Thursday, 12 July 2018

Thursday Trade Tariffs

What, is this getting political ? No -feline tariffa are much simpler than the things you humans are arguing about. We charge territorial tariffs- the best place is always closest to Äiti's face which is my place here in the hammock. I guard it from Pekka who is pondering if he should stay in place or trade a little.
But then, out of nowhere, Seppo appears and even dares to push me down with his paw. I am now going to team up with Pekka to attempt to extract a fee from Seppo - eg a promise of some of the treats he always seems to blag.

However a benefit of being close to Pekka is extra heat from him, and he is now enjoying my ears. Pekka likes ears. But Seppo - well his paw is firm. 
And then he dares to do this. I'll get him later - he'll be squealing an apology.


  1. There's always a prime spot that gets the highest demand!

  2. Seppo seems to be a armpit boy.. 😊

    1. He is indeed; I, on the other paw, burrow a little less. Veikko.

  3. Viscount Veikko, be sure to make Seppo pay the proper tariff! And Pekka needs to pay you, because he got your ears to enjoy...and that has a cost too! Seppo, you and The PO'M like human weirdos! LOL!


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