Monday, 9 July 2018

Mooring Monday

Look at what washed up outside the Catio !  Äiti and Mom tirsh used all their hot air to inflate this kayak thing and went out on the lake.
Äiti doesn't swim well so she had a full life jacket on, and was hoping that by going out with a shipmate, she would get the confidence to do it alone next time. Now we think this is excellent as the lake has FISH.
As they were paddling (usually in small circles) they discussed the name, and decided the vessel would be named in honour of Salem, Mom Trish's bounteous tuxie; it is the Good Ship Whalem. 
And look what wicked Äiti did with Gimp......


  1. It would be nice if they had returned with some fish, but I imagine they didn't.

  2. Toivottavasti kissat sai kalaa

  3. Is Auntie Trish treating you OK?

  4. I'm telling!
    LOL, no I'm not..don't want Salem giving ME the smacky paw!


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