Friday, 27 July 2018

Friday Features

And those features, are mine. In our summer heats, we've not been running away from the intrusive camera so much, and as a result, there have been close ups. For instance, the furry bits around the base of my ears.
And then my ear tufts. If you look closely you can see them - not bad for a nekkid, eh?
And of course my stinkeye. 


  1. You should spend more time posing, Veikko!

  2. My naked boys envy thy super clean ears!

  3. Tell Äiti that it's too hot to be that close. But I do enjoy seeing your close ups Viscount Veikko.

  4. Viscount Veikko, you are as handsome as can be! Although at this time, we are not owned by any nekkids, I have petted and held a few in my day, so I know the exquisite joy!

  5. Oh VV! Amarula saw those ear tuffs and sank right to the floor in a swoon! She also admires your stink eye--she will tell you this herself when she regains consciousness!


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