Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thursday Escape

So yesterday Äiti put the GoPro in front of the  snack dispenser at just the right time. Mother Blue Tit gave her sprog the message and failed to feed an open beak.
 Time to grow up and leave the box!
Did they fly to the Catio. Nope.  So we hope they now have nice long lives with many little beakies of their own next year......


  1. Oh well! Better luck next time for you kitties!

  2. Hopefully they will rear their little beakies where you can watch them again next year.

  3. Shucks, kitties! We know you were all waiting with open, um...baited breath...for those babies!

  4. Sometimes it is good ta let the little birdies grow up until the yard is well-stocked in the future! We have a camera like that, but TBT has ta relearn how it works...


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