Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday Macho Mancat

I love  feather toys, and this is a wand left over from Eastertime when the little witches visit with their 'virvon varvon' rhyme.  Notice the pink feather was first to be my victim and soon the blue one will join it on the ground. Finally Viscount Veikko will vanquish the yellow one. 
And we made a jigsaw of this for you to do to brighten your Monday -  here

preview100 pieceVeikko attacks


  1. Viscount Veikko conquering the world one feather at a time!
    We love your wrinkles - Precious, Prudence, and the human.

  2. Viscount Veikko, you play a mean game, and those feathers don't have a chance!

  3. Those feathers don't stand a chance against you! I will do the puzzle later.

  4. Amarula is positively swooning! She loves to see the V-man in action!


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