Friday, 29 June 2018

Ducking Friday

 What is it about our guests that makes them want to experience sphynxie bathtime ? And this time we were dunked in a smaller tub, which was also occupied by a groteesque little rubber duck with a stoopy hat and a silly Union Jack waistcoat. No wonder Seppo had his paws out.
He got rid of the intruder fast, and also splashed around a lot.
 And me ? Well, I hid under the bath where I hoped no one would see me.......


  1. You guys are like me, getting baths way too often! But for different reasons, we all need them.

  2. Seppo didn't look to happy to have his bath. Were you next, Veikko?

  3. Viscount Veikko, you analysed the problem, took action, and hopefully succeeded in a beneficial result...mainly, YOU didn't get bathed in this undignified (rubber ducky, indeed!) manner...and photos being taken too.

  4. Glad I don't have to get a bath in water.


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