Friday, 25 May 2018

WTF Friday ?

Yes, that is for White's Tree Frog Friday.  She got us a froggie!
Back in ancient history, Äiti used to keep amphibians, and when our favourite pet shop (Muskettikoira in Oulu - not part of a chain of shops and they only sell high stuff) had one of these in a terrarium, Äiti could not resist. She knows all about keeping them as she had this species in Britain for many years. It is also called an Australian tree frog, or korallisormisammakko in Finnish. And Litoria caerulea in Latin. 
Sampo was intrigued by the food it eats.............
Apparently we must not regard it as a snack even if we want to know if frog really does taste like chicken.

Right now we do not know if Froggie is male or female - if it is male it will call at night. Females are silent. However you can also tell as the males have brown at the base of their thumbs. We cannot believe that frogs have thumbs and we don't!  So, Äiti has chosen to call it Franki - so it can be Frank if a boy, or Francesca if a girl. It's pronounced Frankie in English but spelled in a Finnish way.  


  1. How cool! And how awesome that it eats crickets. Sparkle, I hear, used to be an awesome cricket hunter - she would have loved those.

  2. Ja minä kun veikkasin tarantellaa tulevaksi!

  3. It doesn't purr. It doesn't snuggle. What's it good for?

  4. Fantastic! Mom gets her amphibian, and you cats get hours of entertainment...a win win situation, I'd say!

  5. Jenna and Marie25 May 2018 at 18:33

    We've never seen a frog--what an odd looking character! He doesn't look very active. You can try to catch the crickets that will invariably get loose, though :-)


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