Thursday, 10 May 2018


Yesterday it was sunny enough for us nekkids to be outside and Äiti was lounging in the hammock.
Actually, Seppo  was on serious nursing duty as Äiti had a tooth removed. She persuaded her dentist this brute - the tooth, not the dentist - really had to go as she is convinced that an old cavity in it set of the ear infection which was the beginning of her dizziness problems. She's had a few problems since childhood but they have worsened in the last few years big time and she does all sorts of things to try to make herself better. The tooth has been irritating her for ages and yesterday it parted company with her jaw, courtesy of a dentist whom she thinks is wonderful (Petri Ollila, Plusterveys Oulu).  Thirty years ago she had to be pinned down in the chair as her wisdom teeth were wrenched from her jaw, leaving roots still embedded.
As the dentist was gently but firmly withdrawing the tooth he proudly announced 'It's a boy!' to which Äiti responded 'How do you know?''Because of the denticles.' he said and Äiti had to giggle.
She is very pleased and remarkably pain free. We are of course helping her and making sure that the soups she is making herself are yummy enough by tasting them first.
We also told her that there's no money under her pillow from the tooth fairy as Sampo liked it's fairy wings too much and wanted to have them for himself; the tooth fairy refused to come to the house!


  1. Another skin boy? This one seems to have a furry tailio at least. He looks very happy, but Aiti appears to have a 1000-yard stare. Is she seeing little pink fairies dancing before her? Say, what did that dentist give her anyway?

  2. Hope the tooth getting taken out helps. Healing purrs are always good.

  3. I hope that Äiti feels better soon - as in WAY better, as in maybe this tooth coming out will help her other issues! Sending purrs.

  4. Tell Sampo not to be in too much of a hurry to get his wings . . .

    Good job of nursing, Seppo! With all the no-fur comments Spitty is making, we wonder what he is hiding under all his fur.

    We're also hoping that this tooth removal does help the dizziness.

  5. Hopefully this will be the end of Äiti's problems. Sending healing thoughts. Seppo, are you still wearing your fur booties? ; )

  6. Some dentists of old were terrible! Our grandmother once kicked a dentist when she was having work done on her teeth. We know you'll feel better since the tooth is gone and wouldn't it be wonderful if that did end the dizziness?

  7. Hoping this takes care of Aiti's problems ! I'm sure warm cuddles are helping.

  8. Good job nursing, Seppo ! We wish Aiti a good recovery, and we hope that tooth removal helps her feeling better. Purrs
    Pee-Esse : we're very happy to be able to comment on your site again : it looks like it was a problem with Adobe Flash Player...


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