Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Scoffing

As the weather has been so warm, Äiti decided that Tessie should be woken to enjoy it. Usually she just appears from under the bookshelves at some point after her long (8+ month) sleep. This year she has been slow (yes, yes we know tortoises are not renowned for being fast) and Äiti was a little worried.
But within an hour, she was scoffing lettuce. 
We're sure she is part-feline, after all her priorities are sleep and food.

For those of you not familiar with Tessie, she is a 55+ year old Horsfield's tortoise (nelivarvaskilpikona) whom Äiti inherited. In English, tortoise (kilpikonna) means a turtle who lives on land seeing; terrapins (suokilpikonna; live on land and in water) and turtles (merikilpikonna; live in the sea) are the other English names.


  1. Wow, and I thought my cat took long naps. ;)

  2. The weather has been so crazy all over that I don't blame Tessie for being so slow to wake up.

  3. Warm and veggie summer for Tessie and thank you for Mom of clarifying the variety of turtle species and names! :)

  4. I sympathise with Tessie. I take a long time to wake up also.

  5. Hello, Tessie ! Thank you for explaining the differences between tortoise and turtle ! Purrs

  6. Great to see Tessie after her winter sleep!

  7. How did she wake Tessie? We're just wondering because we thought that Tessie normally spends days waking up? That's at least how we imagine we'd wake up if we'd slept 8 months. :D


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