Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday Slurping

We have had The Hots! Ruska is coping with a dose of valerian from the dickeroo which we have left out on the Catio, so the neighbours can think Äiti is even more insane than they believed.
 We don't care, as Ruska makes clear.
And we thought that last photo would make a good jigsaw! Enjoy.

preview117 pieceRuska


  1. My human says that is where valerian-infused toys belong: outside! She is no fun.

  2. As long as he has the valerian, Ruska certainly isn't going to worry about the neighbours. I will come back later to do the puzzle.

  3. Terrible time, 23m 32s! I am going to have to try and improve on that tonight. I am better with matching colours than shapes. The brighter and more colours, the better I am. When I look at some of the times on Jigsaw Planet I wonder how they manage to do them in 2 - 4 minutes!

    1. Äiti has just done it about 15 minutes. She says she deliberately chose that photo because it would be tricky but I say, if it is no fun because it is too hard, then no one will do it! So next time I shall try to make her put a colourful photo up!-

  4. i really have to try Valerian for my guys! Wonder what it would do to Frodo!

  5. MOL ! We hope your neighbors have the sense of humor ! Purrs

  6. That's how I feel about my neighbors too, Ruska.

  7. Ruska, something tells me that the neighbors don’t look over anymore...hehehe!


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