Thursday, 12 April 2018

Another Toysday

We were just chilling in our sweaters on the heated blankie when Äiti bought in OUR post.
We got gifts from our nekkid buddies Merlin, Dragonheart, Devi and Chloe at Chat Aux Sphynx in Canada.  Their Daddy is in Finland on a work trip but way down south so it was not possible for dizzy Äiti to just pop down to see him (boo!). So were sent goodies. Veikko had a deep inhalation . there is honeysuckle in that toy.
 Seppo pretty much face-planted it.
Now these toys are ours and honeysuckle is special - you cannot get it here - so we are making sure Äiti takes care of these when we are sleeping. We may well share, sometimes, but not right now. Thank you to our Canadian pals - and are you sure you don't want sweaters ? We love 'em!


  1. What awesome gifts! And how cool that you got the hard-to-find honeysuckle!

  2. Yay! We are glad the package arrived safely! We hope you enjoy the honeysuckle. :). And you guys can have your sweaters. We will wear them under protest, but we’d rather be totally nekkid!

  3. That was very nice of your friends to send you toys with honeysuckle in them.

  4. Wow, honeysuckle! That's a new cat smell that I didn't know about. Such nice furrends you nekkids have!

  5. Those were nice gifts to receive. Years ago I had a lovely honeysuckle, but one of the cats who came before loved it too much. Years of claw sharpening and chewing on it eventually killed it. (The honeysuckle, not the cat!)


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