Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday Sounds

Yesterday  I, Sampo, was on supervision duty as Äiti got together with Mom Trish of the Katnip Lounge blog, to record another of their hideous podcasts. I spent the recording session making sure I could bite the headset if anything too libelous was mentioned. 
 Aila heard her name mentioned and she also came to ensure she was not bad-mouthed.
These are screen grabs from the back up recording. The audio was duly processed and has ended up as Episode 14 - Naughty Kneecaps in which they talk about how Äiti met up with loads of wonderful felines online while searching for experiences on luxating patellae. Sadly the conversation does degenerate into an outpouring of rubbish from the human brain as Äiti and Mom Trish went off on their foolish chatting. Luckily none of us were shamed, except by association!


  1. You guys definitely need to keep an eye on Äiti during those podcast recordings! I hope the Katnip Lounge kitties are doing the same thing.

  2. *WE* hear from our Mommy that Sampo is a complete sooky la la and we think Spitty needs to know...

  3. Yes, sounds like a good idea to listen out to what they are saying. I have tried listening in but our internet drops out all of the time so I have given up. Hopefully we will soon have a different type of broadband that comes via satellite instead of the BT rubbish we get now. Superfast fibre? Who do they think they are kidding!
    We have had a tower put up in one of our fields under the government initiative to bring better speeds to the outlying areas. Because we have allowed them to use our field, we will get free internet.

  4. Can't wait to listen to the podcast, even if it's embarrassing to any kitty


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