Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday Fistipaws

Veikko is happily cleaning his webby toes, and notices someone approaching....
 Seppo is close by.
And soon is even closer. Where better to tussle than on the heated blankie ?
Best buddies, these nekkid boys - even though it doesn't look like it. 
Veikko decided he couldn't actually eat Seppo so did his best Godzilla impersonation instead.


  1. Run Seppo, it's Veikko-zilla!

  2. MOL, naked wrassling! I think it should be a TV show. Do they allow naked wrassling on TV?

  3. When nekkids are warm, all sorts of fun ensues. You go, guys!

  4. Amarula is drooling over these action shots of the nakeds!!! MEOW!

  5. Manny and Chili Bruce do the same thing; fight and tussle, then snuggle and snooze!

  6. hienoja poikia


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