Thursday, 8 February 2018

Thursday Mousewatch

So there was a sun puddle on the Catio, but Pekka was not interested in that....
He staring at the Mouse Trail deep in the snows.
When he got too cold, Ruska took over.
Sadly, they were not rewarded with warm rodents.


  1. Your patience will be rewarded.

  2. Persistence will win out, eventually!

  3. Yesh. Good job. It is hard job to hunt mousies at the cold winter days. They are somewhere, just go on boys - you gonna get them. So, good luck - I'll go to do my duties.


  4. Those mousies had better find a new place for their trail...or else!

  5. Don't give up, that mousie will eventually be yours.

  6. Mousie will be back, you will get it then.

  7. Hehe. We don't like the snows (we like to keep our paws warm), but Intruder Dog got locked to the balcony yesterday because he smelled too much! Unfortunately, he didn't bring any birds or squirrels to apologize for his behavior.


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