Friday, 16 February 2018

Fashionable Friday

We got a package! Well, two of us did, namely Veikko and Seppo. All the way from the USofA.
And it contained matching sweaters for us from Mom Trish from the Katnip Lounge. Now we are often fed up with Mom Trish and Äiti as they reveal all sorts of stuff about is on the wretched podcast they do, Putting the Cat on the Table, but we are prepared to forgive Mom Trish as she can produce such comfy and smart sweaters. Shame Äiti couldn't  get us both in focus.
Look at this pattern, set off by Veikko's tailio.
And Seppo's tabby tailio stripes go well too,
Now that's a fashionable neck line!
So much nicer than the ones Äiti makes us!  Now, is it possible to knit chain mail ?


  1. Those are some nice sweaters, you two are very lucky. I can't believe you don't have chain mail sweaters. Tell Äiti to look at some YouTube videos for instructions.

  2. Such lovely sweaters and I would certainly forgive Trish for tattling on you in the podcast. Not that Aiti is off the hook...

  3. So glad they fit! I'll try to work something up with a blow torch next...

  4. Kitties, you don't really care if the hoomins talk about your stuff on the have no sense of embarrassment! Those sweaters simply ROCK!

  5. we'll have Mommy take a metallurgy class next...

  6. What gorgeous sweaters! And they fit so well. My woman is jealous of such talent. You two make great models.

  7. Your sweaters are pawsome ! You look so stylish ! Purrs

  8. You both look so stylish in your sweaters.

  9. You boys looks handsome!! Amarula is swooning!


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