Thursday, 1 February 2018

Fanfare time - it's February

And there is a sun puddle on the Catio. 
But with a temperature of -6'C, none of us took advantage.


  1. Yeah, that sounds like a bone-cold sun puddle!

  2. Smart cats. You would have been frozen in place as the sun puddle moved.

  3. Sunshine at this time of year is best taken from inside.

  4. Yesh. I think it is good weather for winter hunting. I have got many kind of catch... But how about Catio Tales hunting crew - What You have got catch? Ok, winter is a little bit challenging time to hunt.


  5. -6C is 21 F, approximately...that's warm! Anything over 15 degrees F is okay; I don't worry about The 'O' Cats as much in that.


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