Sunday, 21 January 2018

Stinkeye Solved

So yesterday Mesi was glaring away over her kickeroo, and today the cause of her stinkeye is revealed. She was snorting the valerian and generally being a tortie with her toy....
 ....when Seppo decided to interrupt by showing his not so pretty side to her.
Mesi's response was not too polite either.
Despite the claws in his haunches, the photo shows Seppo's winter furs quite nicely. He really is fuzzy right now.


  1. Seppo is very brave to bare his backside to Mesi!
    Have an easy Sunday, furriends.

  2. Well, Mesi's claws were only in his haunches, so in this very situation, this was kind of polite.....

  3. Never come between a tortie and her favourite toy, especially when said tortie is high on valerian. I can't say I blame her for sticking her claws in Seppo's backside. I think I would do the same with a bare bum stuck in my face!

  4. A tortie, on valerian? What little he’s got left could have been gone in a flash!

  5. Seppo’s lovely fuzzy rear-end was awfully close to getting something much worse than the stink-eye from Mesi!


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