Friday, 19 January 2018

Friday Furday

Äiti often sits outside to drink endless mugs of tea, and she is often joined by one or more of us. She found herself running her fingers (in her wonderful new fingerless mitts from Ruska's sister's human) through a load of molting fur.
Amazingly Aila was sat on Äiti's lap and allowed this level of grooming, without snark.


  1. Yesh. Äti has good hobby in a fresh air. She cannot get better company... Love Aila, She is sooo beautifulll - my idol - Queen of the GirlPowerrr.


  2. Mark Aiti with your furs, then the other kitties will know who owns her. ;)

  3. It must feel good having those fingers getting rid of that loose fur. I imagine she will soon let you know when she has had enough.

  4. Marie loves to be soon as I finish my crossword puzzles. I have her trained, you know. She's an indoor cat, but I cannot believe how much fur I remove daily. Does Aila like brushing or just the petting substitute?

  5. I love my fingerless gloves too! The better to pet the kitty with!


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