Friday, 12 January 2018

Friday Footprints

Does a mouse glow ? Asked by King Spitty yesterday, No, not as far as we know but we do have a light string outside and as it lies in the snow it creates mouse alleys. Can you see Pekka keeping watch over one here?
This is a close up.
And this is why we are watching. See that teasing little trail of footprints between our mighty paw tracks ? Some mousie dared cross the Catio!


  1. I think that mousie was looking for a dinner invitation. ;)

  2. Uh-oh, some mousie is living dangerously!

  3. Pekka is waiting for mousie's return journey.

  4. Although it would be really nice if those mice DID glow, eh kitties?

  5. Wow...that's a brave mouse!

  6. Oh wow, someone is seriously flirting with danger here.


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