Thursday, 28 December 2017

Thursday Torment

It is cold  and snowy outside, and the neighbourhood has been swamped by these tasty looking creatures, waxwings or tilhi in Finnish. They are after the rowan berries and there are plenty in the trees around the Castle.
We so wish we could have an extension to the Catio. Pekka was very bravely surveying the area to see if he could escape. These shots were taken soon after midday so you can see how little light we have, as well as the snow. It was about -10'C too; Pekka has no fear!


  1. Pekka, you need some wire cutters.

  2. Pekka, I know if you were able to get out, you would totally nab that birdie!

  3. Pekka Amarula sympathizes with you! But she would never be out in such cold! Though we are supposed to be at -30!! Tonight! I love waxwings but only had them visit our yard once! Even though I have a big crabapple tree

  4. My trio are a bit jealous you have such lovely birds and berries to watch. We seem to have only mourning doves and juncos lately.


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