Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saturday Slappy Paw

Mirsku spent some time snorting kissanminttu and felt the need to hold tight to the scratcher, in case the string toy escaped.
When it did, he needed the post to steady himself - it had been seriously good nip.
However he then decided Sampo's tail would make a good toy.
Sampo wrenched himself away.
Sampo was quite indignant.
But it looked like he'd been on the nip too as he could not quite reach Mirsku.
Ans they had a game of patty-paw instead.


  1. Paw-smacking is common after the Nip! The good part is that no one remembers it later, so all is calm...

  2. MOL, you guys are too high to fight properly.

  3. That must have been some top quality nip you had Mirsku if you had to hold onto the pole to stay upright!


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