Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Happy 100th Birthday Finland

It is 100 years since Finland became independent and we have use the national campaign of 'yhdessä' or 'together'  the faces of Finland for our graphic today.
Now Finland did of course exist before December 6th 1917 but it was a 'Grand Duchy' of Russia and had been fought over many times by Sweden and Russia. But it was then granted autonomy and has since swelled with pride as a nation. Äiti is immensely proud to be a Finnish citizen and when she was welcomed, it was with a message of support and sense of togetherness as we move forward into the future.
We feel this as a Felocracy too. We were a monarchy and with the passing of King Punapippuri whom we miss so very much on this patriotic day. We coped with the great change, and with sisu we face another winter of cold snows, and await the return of the sun in spring.  We are together in this, in every aspect - breed cats and moggies, furries and nekkids, girlcats and mancats. yhdessä.
Today please join us in feasting and celebration as we raise our paws in salute to the Finnish flag and freedom.

Hyvä Suomi!


  1. Happy 100th birthday Finland!!!

  2. Happy Purrthday Finland! May you have many more.

  3. Happy Birthday to Finland from all of us. We send you our purrs. Treats for all!

  4. This is nice. Our grandpa belongs to Finland so he threw a wonderful party for celebrating Finland’s 100th birthday. Even he had hosted this bash at one of his favorite venues in Chicago and hired the best catering service. Truly we enjoyed this bash to the fullest.


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