Saturday, 2 December 2017

Crafty Saturday

Veikko is enjoying the latest toy which Äiti has crocheted. This was the only photo that passed the Felocratic Censors as the toy looks very rude. We're not sure it was meant to be, as Äiti wanted something like a kickeroo for us. 
This is the marination process it went through - that's some seriously good valerian in the jar.


  1. Thank Cod for the Felocratic censors. Hahaha.

  2. oh. my. cod.

    Now Mommy wants to learn what to call that...erm...body appendage in Finnish!

  3. That sure looks like a great thing to bunny-kick! And TBT marinates some of our toys in cruched NIP leafs fer a week. THOSE are always very popular when they get tossed.

  4. I love that marinating jar! And um, I'm not so sure about the shape of that "kicker."

  5. Dickeroo! Bwahaha! Even the colour is a bit suspect.

  6. MOL ! Angels Eric and Flynn found the purrfect name for that thing ! Purrs

    1. Wish we could claim the honours for naming it, but saw it in the labels.

  7. Such a cutie. Good idea to marinate your toys.

  8. The kitties don't care what the toy looks like...only that it's potent!


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