Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas Stash

Yesterday we celebrated the English Christmas and Äiti opened up two very special parcels. The first was from the family of our beloved King Punapippuri's girlfriend, Maggie May.  We are deeply touched by the gifts and Mesi was first in with her investigations - in true tortie style.
 And then there was a parcel from Jackie from Memories of Eric and Flynn . I just goes to show how deep and strong the connections are in the cat blogging world; we have been thinking of them as this is the first Christmas without Flynn, a true legend. Åiti was also delighted with the coffee and fine chocolate in the parcel for her - I guess we cannot begrudge her that.
Mesi went mad over one of the toys and detached its purple tail. She carried it around the Castle, growling away and making sure no one came close. 
And to finish it all there was delicious turkey. There will be turkey for a few days more as it was pretty big. Yum.


  1. Wow, that was a bunch of really cool stuff.

  2. What an awesome Christmas you guys had!

  3. Yesh. Looks funny, just like Christmas should be every cat. And Lewis eating turkey - servants heart is melting. Also memories from great persons, especially our Great King PPP and mention his marvellous bride Maggie May... What else can blog contains?

    Lilla-Ebba with servant

  4. Oh wow, you all got those great wrapped balls, and fuzzies and FOODS! YAY! Merry CrissyMouse Day!

  5. You had a wonderful Christmas ! You're true, the blogging world is amazing. Purrs

  6. How thoughtful your furrends sent goodies for Aiti, too. Marie understands why Mesi carried the purple fluffy tail around. Your favorite should never be out of reach. Ummmm....turkey!

  7. I am glad everyone is enjoying their goodies.

  8. That Mesi is a scary little girl, isn't she? I'm glad she doesn't live with *me.* Do you all sleep with one eye open?

    That's some pretty good-lookin' turkey you got there.


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