Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sunday Strategy

Seppo: I am still sitting tight in my box. It is mine. I shall defend it. I like Sampo a lot, and he is a great snuggler, but right now, I wish to be alone.
And you too, Ruska. Please leave me to indulge in the luxuriousness of Boxdom.
Uh oh. Here comes a real threat.
I'm not happy about this......
Technically I claim victory - I am still in my box. 


  1. Geez, she never quits, does she?! And you guys complain about my darling Aila!

  2. I think you are losing control, Seppo!

  3. Y'all are pretty funny. Gotta love them boxes!

  4. She slinks so sneakily! that is sure to mean trouble.

  5. Seppo, hold your fortress against all comers!

  6. Tell your Aiti to put out another box already! Of course, she'll still want your box....

  7. Yesh. Thank you Seppo and the whole gang. This play is best spectacle for along time. Exciting with many turns. This should available in Netflix. It would be great hit.



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