Sunday, 12 November 2017

Snow Patrol Sunday

We admit this was taken a week or so ago - all the snow has now melted. But back then, brave mancats still went on mousewatch despite the cold.
Pekka has great optimism, but sadly there were no mousies. 


  1. Better luck next time, Pekka!

  2. Brave mancats are on mousewatch despite the cold, but mice are only cowards who don't want to freeze their butt... Purrs

  3. When it gets cold here, the mice come in to the house. My cat invites them to dinner. ;)

  4. You kits have much "sisu"! We vacate our catio around 47 degrees (8 celsius).
    There is no way we could brave those Finnish temps!
    Stay warm even if the snow is melted.

  5. Them mousies had better watch out!


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