Friday, 24 November 2017

Friday Special

And finally in our raid of the Archives, we have Aila, prviously called Islay (But it's pronounced the same).  She was in the Moggery in Bristol and Äiti met her when she was maybe 4 weeks old.
She was just six weeks old when she came to live with Äiti.
See that expression ? It hasn't changed!
Stran was her daddy cat and looked after her perfectly; she ws in a small bedroom for a short time, getting used to the place. That lasted maybe a day!
Islay was born to a young mother cat who didn't know what to do as one kitten from the litter was born dead, and she ignored the other three. They were luckily rushed to the vet, who saved the lives of Aila and her two sisters. However they developed very slowly and apparently needed indoor homes* as they were 'brain damaged'.  Now that was clearly just a ploy to get Äiti to adopt her, as there's been no sign of any problems like that with Aila.   In fact, she's pretty clever.

*Most cats in Britain have outside access. Äiti had no garden so all the Britcats were indoor kitties. Also, kittens are often rehomed at 8 weeks; Aila was unusual but her mother was not getting on well with her litter at the rescue centre so she came home early - Äiti knew Stran would takeover.


  1. Once a boss always a boss, right, Aila. 😉

  2. well. Mommy has just fainted dead away and WE are consumed with jellysies.

    But Aila was an awfully cute kitten!

  3. How adorable are these photos? Stran was so great at raising kittens.

  4. Onpä hän ollut söpö pienenäkin.

  5. Love the photos - Stran seems like a gentle heart! Aila seems like a terror!

  6. Oh little darling! You were so sweet and adorable . . . you still are, of course. It's an outrage that your very own family members slander you and then tell me such terrible lies, saying that you don't love me even a little bit. One day soon, I will teleport over there and bring you such joy you will be unable to resist! Till then, my sweet, ta-ta!

  7. Adorable-and feisty- little kitty! Always the beauty.
    Nice to see Stran, a most amazing and wonderful cat. Handsome and gentle. He was a treasure and will never be forgotten.

  8. Aila was a cute kitten, and is adorable as an adult!


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