Thursday, 5 October 2017

Moody Thursday

Pekka:  I have a scratch on my nose, and a camera in my face. That is why I am moody.  Enough said.


  1. WHO did that? Those damn'd Felociraptors? SHAME on them...

  2. This is an outrage. You should be compensated for your trouble and pain. Demand chicken!

  3. Well, Pekka, I can see you have a camera in your face all right, but I really can't quite make out any nosicle injury (I even biggified). Are your sure you're not just being a hypochondriac? Or trying to get some poor toasty-brown Felociraptor in trouble?

  4. It's just not your day, Pekka.

  5. Yesh. Pekka the farm boy - you are so curious. Have you put your nose totally wrong place? Such happens, but that camera... no privacy.



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