Monday, 23 October 2017

Monday Mancat Mischief

Pekka:  what about a little privacy ?
And now Mirsku is after me.
Better dash - that Tabster has my exit covered.
 Yikes. He can shift his bulk when he wants.
I need a rest now.


  1. You could have titled this post "Pestered Pekka" - 'cause that's what he was!

  2. A little privacy is impawtant. We all fuss a bit upstairs, but we consider the litter boxes safe territory. Even when a 2nd wants ta use one, we stay away out of sight until they are done and have left.

  3. does a Certain (overheated) Tortie!

  4. Yesh. Peace boys. Give Pekka his own time. Good Pekka, We love peaceful farm boy.

    Lilla-Ebba med Max (another attack sufferer

  5. Mirsku is as agile as Frodo when he tries to play with Amarula!Pekka has to do what Amarula does and give him a swift slap with the paw! Running only encourages them!

  6. "Everybody was kung-fu fighting!"


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