Friday, 27 October 2017

Friday Feather Toy

Pekka is hiding behind the Royal Fleece of Raahe, given to our former King by one of our most loyal readers. It is very snug and warm, and a highly sought after place. Veikko hogs it a lot. But here he has his eyes on another prize.
He loves this feather toy.
He loves it THIS much.


  1. Feather toys are some of the best! One of us (kept secret because TBT does love his cardinal birds) got a male cardinal and there were bright red fevvers all over the deck. Well, he unnerstands. He collected all the biggest brightest fevvers and is going to epoxy the bases together to make a Winter Toy fer us.

    He says he woukd prefer we caught starlings and sparrows, but knows we catch what we can. And he says there are more cardinals here now then when he moved in. He says there were like 4 or 5 at the start and now it is routine to see a dozen, and if we catch the dumbest ones, it is probably OK. And he says the small hawk probably catches a lot more.

    1. Yes, Äiti is the same and prefers we catch rodents as she loves birds - especially blue tits. We would love to see cardinals - and taste them but better not tell the humans that.

  2. I love that sweater vest, Veikko. Catch that feather.

  3. Veikko is very light on his feet, er, paws! Hee-hee!

  4. Veikko looks like some sort of mighty hunter in that sweater vest!

  5. Yesh. Veikko flies through the air. Luckily he have parachute on.


  6. Feather toys are irresistible, almost as much fun as the real thing.

  7. While Veikko's away, the Pekka will play?

  8. Veikko, you're absolutely captivating! You can jump into our arms any time you'd like.

  9. Those are great photos! Amarula is swooning over your dexterity Veikko!


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