Friday, 20 October 2017

Flooftail Friday

Mesi:  I wanted to join in with 'Tocktober but I wasn't going to make it easy for Äiti. When I get my Tortietude Play Time head on I zoom around with a mighty floofy tailio - but Äiti never manages to get a great photo as I am way too clever for that.
And she failed so badly here she couldn't keep even Veikko's ears out of the shot. He was lazing on her lap in a sunpuddle.
A quick check up to the balcony before I leap off.
And  finally I zoomed inside and she caught me on the sofa.   
Uh oh, Great Uncle Jura is joining in; time to  play!   Happy Friday all.


  1. Yesh. Mesi You loookk so great. Boys pale by your side in any case. Your talio looks fine. And you have a little bit fine sneaky eyes sometimes - love them. And have a good holiday.


  2. Mesi you have some mighty fine tocks.

  3. I think humans like a fun challenge, right?

  4. He heee... Claire is still trying to get a nice shot of my tocks, MOL ! Purrs, Pixie


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