Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Woolly Wednesday

The most popular beddie is on the kitchen table, lined with a lamb fleece and it is usually full of felociraptors, but Mirsku managed to stake out a portion of it.  
However he was soon moved out by a tortie pincer movement as Jaava and Mesi moved in. 
And yes, that is yet another sweater Äiti has crocheted for Veikko - she is trying different patterns. This one is a little long but it keeps him toasty.


  1. Lamb.. Mmm.. And finally a rear end warmer for the naked one! :D

  2. ML says Mirsku is MORE than welcome to snuggle on HER chair!

    **sending ticket**

  3. I bet the naked boys will be warm this winter with the new sweaters!

  4. Mirsku is gonna travel to America to Katnip Lounge? Whoa, cannot wait for those photos! Since he's getting no love on the kitchen table...

  5. Yesh. Good is mood, mood is the good... Is that green one froggie or maybe Veikko?? Handsome everyway... I can only imagine Tepsu "the peemailman" wearing that suit.... Heh.



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