Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday Tortitude

Jaava here. The other day we actually had some sunshine and I wanted the shelf where Mirsku was sitting, so gave his tailio a whap.
 Now he decided it was time to play - which was not my plan at all.
 I gave him the impression that I was willing to have his mighty paw land on my head.
 And then with a swift, sleek movement, slid  my head under his. Seppo watched in awe - as well he should.
And now Mirsku decided he would give me a bath.
I even got him to do that awkward bit at the back of my neck. And  I gave the stinkeye to Seppo at the same time.
 I may not have shifted him from the shelf, but I managed to get him to wash me instead. Result!


  1. At least you got a free bath out of the deal. ;)

  2. And you WERE in the sun the entire time...not a bad deal at all!

  3. That does look sort of . . . romantic? Is the Big Guy falling for the little golden girl? Stay tuned for Part II: May-Ling hits the Cei-Ling!

  4. You still got something good out of it all!

  5. We think there may possibly be a smitten man cat in the picture too!

  6. The old 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!' adage comes to mind here.


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