Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Womancat * Wednesday

Äiti has started making something called kefir. Now we don't really care about the process but the outcome is lots of bowls and jars with yummy lickings available.
Aila gets right in there. Äiti was supervising as she got a little concerned she would end up with a jar on her head. So of course the camera was at the ready. Just in case.

*we have shamelessly stolen this title from Mark's Mews where Marley shows Ayla and Iza great respect with this and we believe in the Felocratic rights of all kitties and being polite to each other. Even if we receive a snarky response.


  1. Aila is not only lovely, she's smart too! That kefir stuff sounds yummy!

  2. ooooooohhhhhhh...foodables AND the lovely Miz Aila!

    Life is Goooooooooood.

  3. Aila. Close-ups. Be still my heart.

  4. I figured Aila would be the first on THAT scene!

  5. Our human gets awfully excited as she's planning on doing more stuff on her own, like preserving and so on. We weren't exactly encouraging her as this normally means that she'll spend a lot of time with different things than caring for us. PLUS it doesn't normally work out and then she's angry and sulking.

    We didn't get that there's something in it for us, but if Aila thinks this is great, we may give it a second thought.

  6. We are honored by your usage of "Womancat Wednesday". But we must be honest and explain that it wasnt our idea. We used to use "Girlcat Tuesday". A good lady friend of TBT objected to that once saying it was "a bit irritating" to adult females whether cat of Human. He initially resisted saying it was the term used on the cat blogosphere. And he like alliterative titles.

    But a reasonable objection desrves thought, and he gave it much. "Womancat Wensday" sounded OK, but we have been using "Wordless Wensday" for years. It was (too paraphrase the King in 'The King And I') a "puzzlement".

    So we changed Werdless Wensday to Silent Saturday. Voila'...

    One thought leads to another, adjustmebts are made for respect, and we all advance an inch along the path to civilization.

    Thank you for mentioning us. TBT will tell his friend her (mild) objection is making some changes.

  7. Yesh. IIIk, Aila my idol. Sooo cute, beautifulll, smart and elegant. Love Aila, Mother of girllpowerrr.

    Lilla-Ebba, the fan


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