Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday Travails

Seppo here (I think): so King Spitty said we should stop lounging round like a bunch of druggies and be gainfully employed. To prove that I am not a lazy bum, you can see me doing a Very Important Job - looking after Äiti. I am providing her with a head to scritch, comforting her as the long days of her summer vacation come to an end. This is a tense time for her and she needs our support.
 And as you can see I am very focused on my job and not at all stoned.
Did some Loyal Reader mention rehab ?


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  2. They say you need to go to rehab, we say meno, meno, ME-NO!

  3. See? You guys are ALL therapy cats - and that is hard work! I think you need nip to chill out after all the effort.

  4. Yesh. Ok, You have very hard work, but abused drugs is not heslthy, especially overdosing. Now You look, but be careful with relapses... Otherwise there will come some authorities and take you to rehab...

    I know these things, Max has told me risks of overdosing (food).


  5. Oh Seppo, you are such a cutie!

  6. Of course, you're not stoned--your eyes aren't dilated. We know you are taking good care of Aiti. School starting is always stressful for mothers and teachers. Aiti appreciates your support.

  7. I am sorry buddy but these photos clearly undermine your "I'm not a stoner" statements!

  8. Um, yeahhhhhhh, about that ... But it was the GOOD stuff, right? ~ Faraday


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