Saturday, 12 August 2017

Saturday Shutdown

Yesterday morning some kitty, a certain Lapfungus, spread his hyphae over the keyboard of the laptop and, to use a technical term, buggered it up. So, this post is being written in 'safe mode' which does not seem to allow for pictures.

Thank goodness King P is not around to witness this travesty - he would never have stood for this and would have thrown the hisses fit ever.

However, none of us is particularly happy about it, especially not Äiti. We hope we'll have normal service tomorrow.


  1. Holy CAT! Mommy was there on the innerwebs with Äiti whilst it happened...and it's still mucked up???

    Um, Pekka (cos we're pretty sure it was you): AWESOMESAUCE!

  2. We had that 2 days ago. It seems to be done for us...

  3. Was there any pee involved?? Because that would have really made it special. MOL!

  4. Yesh. I think Max would be quilty, if he would lives in castle. But in this case quilty is some nerd... so, some young one, addict city cat. It is Sampo, no doubt. So Sampo, take not so much drugs, otherwise Lilla-Ebba will be angry like D. Trump and that sounds not good at all. We need Catio Tales, with pics!


  5. Oops. Hope this won't happen again. At least for a very very long time.


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