Monday, 28 August 2017

Mug Shot Monday

We have to indulge Äiti in all sorts of things, but luckily this example of her nerding is confined to her workplace. She bought two mugs for her coffee breaks - identical with the Schrödinger Cat theme (all together now kitties, a big hiss for Erwin Scrhödinger and his nasty thoughts).
The mugs are identical except for a heat sensitive panel which is black when cold. Add the magical refreshing beverage (tea or coffee depending on availability - Äiti doesn't exactly care when desperate). Then wait for thermal energy to move.......and will it be a good day for the kitty.....?
 ....or a bad one ?
Now Äiti randomises this by yelling out 'left or right' to her colleagues as she takes the mug from her locker. She can then completely defer responsibility for the result. As usual.


  1. OMC!!! Mommy says she'd be sad and it would ruin her day to get the dead kitty...she obviously lacks sisu.

  2. Ugh, that Scrhödinger human! Not fond of that guy at all.

  3. Hahaha! I think there should be a third mug where the kitty is BOTH alive and dead at the same time!

  4. Yesh. not a simple case. Äiti needs some clearing program to her head. I think she has some bug in her brains. Now gang, do something quickly, before something really bad will happen.


  5. We're still surprised that Schrödinger became so famous. Well, it's probably because he said that he doesn't know something. Most humans, especially when being famous and influential, KNOW a lot of things without actually being able to know the truth.

  6. Nope, couldn't have that mug near me either.

  7. The mug should then have an additional optical element to evaluate the mug holders perception.


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