Thursday, 10 August 2017

From the Stumpy Suite

Roosa here. As you may recall, I have my own luxury quarters - upstairs with my own balcony. I don't really like those nosey other cats, and since my brother Risto left us in December, I have been happy with my own company. If any kitty gets too close, the hissing and yowls can be heard from way off. I like Äiti though.
And of course can still manipulate her with my pleading eyes.
I have also mastered the Stink Eye....
...and the tailless Bottom of Disrespect.


  1. Roosa, you are living the life of Reilly!

  2. I was wondering why you weren't in yesterday's picture. Nice tailess Bottom of Disrespect.

  3. We love your Rumpy Stumpy Look! Roosa, Mommy says you look much happier and trimmer than when she saw you...obviously the solo lifestyle (and Private Patio) suit you down to your lethal little claw.

  4. 1. Where's your infamous claw?
    2. Have you broken up with the mighty hunter Ruska??

  5. How cool that your tail-less behind is as expressive as any behind with a tail!

  6. Yesh. Wau . Roosa You are so beautifulll, queen of Muhos gang. My servant said, that Risto and You was the most cute sisters ever... Missing Risto, love You. Enjoy your privacy.

  7. That face! That beautiful face! Roosa just melts hearts with those gorgeous, soulful eyes. It's good to know she is ok on her own.
    Our mum is partial to rumpies. The love of our mum's life was a rumpy boy named Puffin.


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